One Step Closer – A Tribute to Linkin Park

Linkin Park shaped an entire generation that consumed music via the Internet and was in endless search of real stars.

At one of their concerts, you're neither the oldest nor the youngest. Teenagers dance, over-50s drink beer - Linkin Park connects.

In their approximately 100-minute concerts, "One Step Closer - a Tribute to Linkin Park" brings the complete range of Linkin Park's hits to the stage.

Besides Linkin Park's mainstream hits "Castle of Glass," "What I've Done," "In the End" or "Numb," which are played daily by almost all German (and worldwide) radio stations, the band is especially dedicated to the songs of Linkin Park's early days.

Hits like "One Step Closer" and "Papercut" are of course an integral part of the setlist of "OSC".

"One Step Closer - a Tribute to Linkin Park" - is the new world of tribute bands!

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