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The Elton Show

The Greatest Celebration of the Rocket Man

The Elton Show is a unique show with the greatest hits of Elton John - presented by the internationally known singer and songwriter C.J. Marvin from Australia.

This show offers unique entertainment and is therefore more than just a "visual" imitation. It is energetic, rousing and creates the magical "spirit" of Elton John and his music. This music has influenced generations and accompanied millions of people through their lives. With his extravagant style and dynamic performances, Elton John became a legend in the world of pop music.

CJ Marvin shines in the role of Elton John: he wears the garish, colorful costumes, plays the piano live and sings. But above all, he displays the same fiery energy as the original.

The show covers 4 decades of incredible music, from the 70s to today with  Elton John's greatest hits: from the timeless "Your Song" and rock titles like "SaturdayNight's All Right for Fighting" to "I'm Still Standing", "Can you feel the love tonight?", and the last recordings from the hit album "The Captain & the Kid".

The Elton Show captures the spirit of Elton John in such a way that you actually believe it's Elton John himself on his show!

In 1984, CJ was personally invited to Elton John's shows at Milan's Tenda-Palatrussardi Theater. While Elton and his band were waiting for the limos in the hotel lobby, CJ sat down at the grand piano and started playing pieces by Elton John. After Elton heard C.J. Marvin's impromptu performance, he commented, "You're the best interpreter of myself I've ever heard!"

The Elton Show is a spectacular evening and a loving thanks to the music and energy of the Rocket Man. Let yourself be fascinated by one of the artists of the world who has already become a cult during his lifetime.

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